Coloma-Lotus Association of Merchants

P.O. Box 608
Coloma, CA 95613

Meeting Minutes, June 11, 2002

The CLCC meeting came to order Tuesday evening, June 11, 2002, at 6:30 p.m. Thanks to the Coloma Country Inn for hosting the meeting. In attendance were Dee Allen, Frank Bechtel, Candie Bliss and Donna McMaster. The minutes from the previous meeting were corrected to read "Backstreet Boulevard" instead of "Backstreet Boys" for this year's ColomaFest band.

Treasurer's report: The most recent bank statement showed a balance of $4990.40. This does not include payment to the printer of $627.41 on 5/31, and a deposit of $935 in membership dues on 6/10. Candie Bliss is still owed $759.98 for the Easter Egg Hunt expenses. The Hangtown Posse still owes us over $535 from last year's ColomaFest BBQ. Dee will contact them with a reminder. Donna provided a list of unpaid membership invoices totaling $420. Since they were just billed last week, we will wait a bit before dunning.

Donna asked for information about Easter Egg donations, as they were not called out on the deposits. We received a total of $175: Candy Wall $100, Advanced Awnings $20, Ceccardi's $20, Gold River Video $20, and another $15 in cash from anonymous donors. Thanks to all for the donations.

ColomaFest: The $1500 contribution from Raley's is to be redeemed in merchandise, including food and paper goods for the BBQ. We need lights. Must get a power cord to the beer wagons, as the generators are noisy. The wagon train is scheduled to arrive at 1 p.m. Concerns expressed about the wagon train leaving too early; it was suggested that they be asked to arrive earlier or stay overnight. Candie will follow up.

Questions about whether we should sell water or sodas during the day or just after 4 p.m. Agreed to open the booth at 10 a.m. and sell sodas and water all day, beer after 4 p.m. Considered other items for resale, such as squirt guns. Squirt guns were vetoed as they scare horses.

Candie noted that KCRA (channel 3) will be running four minutes on ColomaFest on June 27, during their noon news hour.

Joint marketing with the EDC Chamber: Candie pointed out that the EDC Chamber has frequent promotional opportunities, such as the KCRA spot for ColomaFest. As she is on the EDC Chamber Board, she is able to suggest our members for these activities, as long as they are also EDC Chamber members. Suggested that we add a query to our membership application regarding EDC Chamber membership so that we will know who we can ask the EDC Chamber to promote.

Clunes: Frank suggested lapel pins for the Coloma-Clunes sister city relationship. Also, we still have not put up signs. Henningsen-Lotus Park on Lotus Road, and Frank & Dee's property at Cold Springs and Hwy 49 are both available, but we still need a spot for a sign coming from the Auburn direction.

Other business: Frank has looked into the possibility of over-the-road banners for upcoming activities such as ColomaFest, but the State Park and CalTrans both said no. Frank also expressed a concern that Fish and Game are said to be planning to require that livestock be fenced away from the river, with fences to be at least 5' above the high water mark. This would be a problem for some of our members. Frank will investigate further.

Idea for a mayor election was suggested as a fundraiser. We could announce and start the campaign at the October 49'er Family Festival event, sell "votes" for two months, and conclude with an inauguration ceremony at Christmas in Coloma.

Membership participation: We have been very disappointed in our membership's participation. Of our 54 members, only four regularly come to meetings, and a few others help at events. Question about whether to mail minutes to all members. Decided to send a quarterly notice of upcoming meeting dates to the membership and to post meeting minutes on the web. It was also suggested that we offer an incentive for participation. Unanimously voted that anyone who attends 8 meetings in a year, or attends 6 meetings and helps at one event, gets a free membership the following year. This is not retroactive and will begin with the 2003 membership dues.

Next Meetings: 1st Tuesday of each month, beginning at 6:30 p.m. All meetings will be held at the Coloma Country Inn until further notice.

Respectfully submitted,
Donna McMaster